It can be a touring opera company, a string quartet, a symphony orchestra; it hosts festivals that inspire communities and it empowers young musicians through learning; it is a charitable trust, committed to helping Palestine’s musicians take a place on the world stage.

The Choir of London exists to give outstanding professional musicians a chance to contribute their time and skills to charitable work, and to harness the energy of these musicians to develop access to music in the places that need it the most. 

Since 2004 it has toured five times to the Middle East, focused on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, engaging with over 1500 local and visiting musicians. It has performed over 80 concerts in the UK and internationally, raising awareness for its charitable vision. It has established a Bursary Scheme for the best young Palestinian musicians to experience musical life in the UK. And it has generated, stimulated and enabled cultural transformation in the areas where it has worked, contributing to a revolution in musical life in Palestine.

The Choir of London is not just a choir.

It is a flexible community of musicians who create change.

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The Choir of London Trust is a UK Registered Charity no. 1112757.

Choir of London

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