Wednesday 22 December, 6pm

Wednesday 22 December, 7.30pm

Workshop with Sawa and Efroni Choirs

Concert, Church of Notre Dame de l’Arche d’Alliance, Abu Ghosh (with Sawa and Efroni Choirs)

The Efroni Choir was founded in 1981 at the Ben Gurion High School in Emek Hefer. Since then, the Choir has gone from strength to strength, and now boasts both a wide and versatile repertoire reflecting the spectrum of musical traditions of the many ethnic groups in Israel. One of the most striking characteristics of the Efroni Choir has been its commitment to build bridges to other local performers – and particularly to the Palestinian community both within Israel and in the Palestinian Territories. This commitment has manifested itself in a previous joint project with Bethlehem-based Palestinian singers; a collaboration with a choir from Nazareth; and most recently in its joint work with the Sawa Choir, an ensemble of girls drawn from the Arab-Israeli town of Shefar’am. The Sawa Choir regularly sings in both Hebrew and in Arabic, and is similarly dedicated to musical projects which bridge the divide between Jewish and Palestinian communities living in the region.

The Choir of London’s time spent working with these two choirs – in a church at Abu Ghosh, just to the north-west of Jerusalem – was enormously rewarding and intensely moving. Hearing the girls sing together with equal conviction and enjoyment in both Arabic and Hebrew was genuinely inspiring, as was the evident warmth of the relationship between the two sets of singers. The collaboration between the choirs seemed to us amply to vindicate the approach of their conductors, which they describe as ‘not waiting for the politicians’.


Joint choral concerts in Israel - 2004

Projects - international

The Choir of London’s first project - a trip to Palestine in 2004 - presented what was, for the Choir’s founding members, an important opportunity to support an inspiring partnership between two children’s choirs in Israel

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