Any regular visitor to Jerusalem knows that the seemingly monolithic struggle between two peoples which appears on our television screens need not be the pattern for future relations between Israelis and Palestinians. The city is characterised by an extraordinary heterogeneity: a rich diversity of relations and often startling overlaps between a seemingly endless list of religious and ethnic groups. It is a particularly appalling tragedy of recent years that this dialogue has been badly undermined, and that relations between most Israelis and Palestinians are currently both minimal and hostile. It’s all a far cry from the days in the mid-nineties when students from Tel Aviv would travel to Ramallah to immerse themselves to the city’s then-famous jazz scene. 

There remain, however, important glimmers of hope in the shape of collaborations between individual Palestinians and Israelis. One particularly significant area of potential is that of joint projects involving Israeli Jews and Palestinians living within Israel. The Choir of London’s hope in incorporating an Israeli dimension into its first project was that it could lend support to one such collaboration: a partnership between two children’s choirs, one - the Efroni Choir, based in Emek Hefr - composed of Jewish Israelis, the other - the Sawa Choir - of Arab Israeli girls from Shafa ’Amr, in the lower Galilee.

In subsequent years, many of the Choir of London’s visits to the Middle East have included a return to these two choirs and the addition of the Al-Baath Choir, a mixed adult choir also from Shafa ’Amr. Click on the links below for information about the workshops and concerts run by the Choir of London for these three choirs.

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Joint choral concerts in Israel

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Workshop and concert with Sawa and Efroni Choirs, 2004

Workshop and concert with Sawa and al-Baath Choirs, 2006

Workshops and concerts with Sawa, Efroni and al-Baath Choirs, 2007

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